Group and Individual Support Sessions

Group and Individual Support Sessions

Recovery Support is Offered Through Group and Individual Support Sessions

SafeHarbor clients participate in small groups in which a group facilitator conducts sessions meant to evoke discussions concerning specific recovery topics and to reinforce sobriety by creating a safe, confidential environment for participants to share their recovery experiences, fears, frustrations, failures, successes, and victories. These groups are meant to enhance sobriety through open discussion. The goal of these groups is to search for truth, to build hope, and to offer practical skills and advice that enhance sobriety.

We also meet with participants individually to offer spiritual support and to discuss their progress towards their goals.

Recovery Support Topics and Services

  • Recovery Skills and Relapse Prevention: Meant to provide information that assists clients in understanding their addictions and triggers, as well as the importance of planning and scheduling in preventing relapse. We offer both faith-based (Walking the 12-Steps With Jesus; Celebrate Recovery) and secular (Matrix Program) approaches to recovery.
  • Employment Skills: Designed to offer clients coaching and advice concerning work habits and ethics as well as resume preparation and interviewing. Through our Reliable Back to Work Program, clients who qualify work at various area employers, many of whom hire them directly when they graduate our Nehemiah Program.
  • Pastoral Support: Pastors, Chaplains, and Chaplain’s Aides provide both group and individual Bible discussions meant to explore spiritual matters and enhance sobriety. Chapel services are offered regularly; and after an appropriate amount of time as passed individuals may be granted permission to attend local churches with outside sponsors.
  • Anger Management: Anger Management is a required curriculum for all clients because all people deal with the issue of how to manage anger, whether they must learn to manage their own, or are confronted with situation where other people are angry. This curriculum was developed by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Fatherhood Development: Fatherhood Development aims to create a support group for fathers and to promote a positive identity for clients as men and fathers, encouraging them to see the importance of accepting responsibility for their children. This is intended to improve clients’ parenting skills.
  • Money Management: Clients utilize the Growing Your Money: Personal Financial Tools workbook to help them develop critical skills for financial independence. Sessions include:  Developing a Spending Plan; Working with Checking and Savings Accounts; Understanding Credit and Your Credit Report; and Getting a Loan.
  • Transportation: Clients in our program will be provided transportation to parole and probation appointments, court appointments, work, and to program sponsored outings such as recovery social activities. Transportation is subject to availability.