Program Overview

Program Overview

Program Overview

· The Nehemiah Program is a Faith-Based Recovery Support Services Program.

·The program requires a six-month commitment.

· All clients must agree to comply with program guidelines at all times.

 · Clients must work during their stay to pay for their recovery.

· We will attempt to secure employment for you through our Back to Work Program.

· Coordination with Courts and Parole or Probation Offices is provided.

· Transitional Housing, Meals, and Transportation are furnished.

Things you are allowed to have at Safe Harbor

7 Outfits
work clothes
Casual Clothes
Dress clothes

3 pair shoes
Work Boots
Tennis Shoes
Dress Shoes

Under garment
7 pair underwear
7 pair socks
7 undershirts

Hygiene Items
Toothpaste & Toothbrush
Brush or Comb
Shaving Cream
Mouthwash (Alcohol Free)
Foot powder

1 Bible
Family Pictures
1 writing pad/ Folder/Binder
Black ink pens
2 puzzle books
1 box envelopes

1 Pillow
1 blanket
1 set of sheets (single bedding)

1 radio with headphones, no disc players or cassette players
1 cell phone and charger ( After 30 days and requirements are met)

You may have 1 magazine or 1 news paper subscription during your stay.

These are the only items allowed at Safe Harbor. Any Item found in your procession will be considered contraband and taken away immediately. Anything taken will be placed in secure location and you have 24 hours to have someone pick up for you.

Items not Allowed
• TV, CDs, etc…
• Vehicles
• Jewelry (may have a wrist watch)
• Cologne, perfume,
• Items that are sexually inappropriate or that advertise alcohol/drugs will not be allowed. Only items mentioned at top of the page will be allowed