Clarksville’s Spring Revival will be held April 1 – 5, 2019. Mark your calendars, we would love to have you attend!

Super Bowl Sunday in Clarksville! 🏈


One of our heating units was down, not working. Pastor Tommy Vallejo reached out to A-1 Heating & Cooling for help. Along with some very generous donations from Awaken Church, Life Point Church (main campus) & Bill Mace, A-1 was able to get our unit fixed and back to heating.

We are so very thankful for those who support Safe Harbor of Clarksville!

 Celebrate Sunday – January 2019

Client of the month was Kristopher Reynolds, keep it up Kris!










Dorm of the month was Chapel 3, nice job guys!










We had 3 graduates last night: Michael Clark, Kameron Dewdney and Morgan Parkes. Congratulations, guys!!








Reliable Employee of the Month was Raymond Mallory, working at Porcelain Industries. Congratulations, Mallory!









Christmas Dinner for our guys at SHOC. Thank you Del and the kitchen staff who worked so hard to lay out the most awesome meal. Merry Christmas Everyone!

















Celebration Sunday Dec 2018

Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Anthony Calderon!









Congratulations to our Dorm of the Month. Genesis! They’ve set the bar for the coming year and I’ve never seen Genesis win one of these before so well done gentlemen!







Happy Birthday to our December babies! James Price, Michael Holder, Cornelius Hickerson, James Reynolds, Donald Smith, Josh Slate, Herbert Higgins, David Hatfield, William Giles, Ray Mallory and Lane Westgate.






Our last Reliable of the Month for 2018 goes to Michael Clark! Congrats







Safe Harbor of Clarksville wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! We are so thankful for each and every one of you!




















So thankful to our kitchen staff (Del and all the volunteers) who put this awesome meal together for our guys!

We even had Pastor Tommy Vallejos here, who prayed over our men and encouraged them.









We are so thankful for Austin Peay College of Business! What an amazing gift they have given the men of Safe Harbor of Clarksville! HUGE BLESSINGS this Thanksgiving!

#APSUBusinessGovs collected over 993 cans to be donated to Safe Harbor of Clarksville! Safe Harbor is an organization that assists the homeless and men overcoming addiction and hardships. #BusinessGovsGive









Celebration Sunday in Clarksville!

Happy Birthday to our November babies! Steven Bell, Roy Pigg, Marquis Gleaves & Jeff Roberson!









Well done to our Client of the Month, Raymond Mallory!









Super proud of our Reliable of the Month, Terry “Ranger” Mathewson!









So proud of our SHOC Graduate, Marquis Gleaves! What a difference a year makes. Blessings to you as you start your MIT training!








“It was my honor to take our Veterans to lunch Sunday. Thank you all for your service” – Director, Tatjana Gaston








Celebration Sunday pics for October!

October Birthdays!
Client of the Month – Joshua Byrom
Reliable of the Month – Edward Allen
Graduates of Clarksville

















Our Fall Revival concluded this Saturday, October 20. What an amazing week it was and what a move of God we had.

Then 12 were baptized in the Creek. Yes it was cold, but there is nothing like watching “the old man” float away, down the Creek. What a Blessing to see lives change for the Glory of God.

























































Join us for our Old Time Fall Revival Oct 15 – 20!




















On Sat we took the guys out to the APSU Football game. We cheered the Govs on for the win. Everyone enjoyed it!














Celebration Sunday in Clarksville…

Congratulations to Reliable of the Month Roy Kennon and Client of the Month Justin Loftis!

We also celebrated 3 birthdays and hats off to 4 clients who volunteered work at a local church!














Congratulations Derek Dunn on your graduation from Safe Harbor. We wish you the best!
#good2great #IAmOne #SHOC















Purchase with purpose. Amazon donates to Lighthouse Mission Ministries, Inc. when you shop for back to school supplies at smile.amazon.com.

Just sign into your Amazon Smile account and search for Lighthouse Mission Ministries – Memphis, TN!










Chaplain Mike got a new game for group time… Giant Jenga is a hit!

#good2great #IAmOne #teambuilding #SHC










We had 4 men graduate last night at Safe Harbor of Clarksville. This is what it’s all about!

#good2great #IAmOne #SHC

















So excited….tonight we kicked off our salad bar. And it was a great success. The Students enjoyed being able to eat all you can eat salad! We are looking forward to having the salad bar twice a week. #itsthelittlethings #Good2Great

We had a great time here at the park in Clarksville. Clients got to spend time with their families, had some great food, our 2nd annual Corn Hole Tournament, Pie Eating Contest and more!




































Safe Harbor of Clarksville’s 2nd Quarter Newsletter : https://conta.cc/2KKJmAQ

Not getting our newsletters? Send an email to mlyell@lhmm.org to request to be added to our list! 


Memorial Day…
Is the day that’s set aside to remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and for our freedom.
May your day be filled with memories and peace.
God Bless America!

We want to give a huge thank you to Taylor Bus Sales for their donation to Safe Harbor! What they have done has gone above and beyond what we could ever imagine! If you’re in need of a bus for transportation please give them a call and let them know that Safe Harbor sent you!


Real Talk, Real Life with Edward Cucuzza

“I’m not sure where to start this, I guess first I have to say that I am 44 years old and pretty much have always done the wrong thing. Well maybe not always, but more times than not. I’ve had a drug addiction and a “me first” problem my whole life, 4 months ago I would have honestly never been able to say that.

I’ve lied, cheated and stole to be able to fuel my habits and addictions. I’ve alienated family, friends and business associates. I’ve been selfish my whole life for all the wrong reasons.

Because of my selfishness everyone in my life has suffered, especially the ones I care most about. With all this being said, I walked through the door of Safe Harbor on a cold night in December after having lost my job and my place to live. I spent the last money I had on my drug choice rather than another few nights in a motel. I drove around all day wondering what I was going to do. I guess in a moment of clarity I thought to myself “I can’t keep doing this anymore!. I walked through the door and didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never tried treatment before because I always thought I could do it on my own, how wrong I was!

Clint was the first person I met here. He took the time to listen to me and how desperate I was for help. I literally said “I GIVE UP! I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO!”. After a few days of getting adjusted here & my mind clearing up a little bit I started attending the classes here. I wasn’t sure what Faith Based Recovery was, but having failed at doing things “my way” all my life, I kept an open mind and I’m so very glad I did.

My second Saturday here Jesus touched me. Minister Mac comes on Saturday evenings for our 6 pm class. Jesus used him to talk to me and I accepted Jesus into my life. It’s made all the difference for me! For so long I was so afraid of believing in something other than myself. Since being here I realized that if you let God into your life and you truly believe in your heart in Him, His grace and mercy, that nothing is impossible.

I’m truly grateful for Safe Harbor and all of the things they have done for me. I have a warm, safe place to be, I have food, I have a job, I have a ride to and from that job. I have a staff that supports me and cares about my recovery! I found a church home at Christ the Healer that Minister Mac introduced me to. Miss Margy found me a job at AHC Hardwood that I truly enjoy. Miss G has been super supportive to my attending AA meetings, which led me to find a sponsor with whom I’ve connected with, and am working the steps in the program. Clint is always there for me to talk to when I need it. Bob is a great listener as well. Chaplain Mike, from the first time I spoke to him, could see that I am willing to turn my life over to the care of God. I am truly blessed to be where I am today and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support I get from everyone here at Safe Harbor.

I pray that God continues to work in me and for me. Without this program I may have never received any of these blessings, and again I am truly grateful for what I have in my life now and the miracles that are happening for me.”

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Mr. Michael Price, who is a member of the Ole Skool Riders motorcycle club here in Clarksville. He came over and cooked some outstanding BBQ for our guys! When his father passed away, Michael took up his father’s BBQ passion and cooks a mean selection…especially those ribs!

Thank you to Del who came in and took care of the guys for an awesome Easter banquet! Enjoy the pics.. there were some happy men here today for Resurrection Sunday!

We had 3 fortunate guys open up their easter eggs for a bit of a surprise…$10, $10 and $20 bills were in there waiting for them. I may not have hidden the eggs but they were grateful for their finds, lol.Congratulations to Derek Dunn, Seth Goins and Carl Nolan! 

Baptism Service Sunday at Safe Harbor of Clarksville

I would like to give a big thank you to Mike Reynolds. He truly is the Donation Guru. He got Clarksville a 50’’ T. V for our chapel. So excited thank you !!!

Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday personnel from Trane/Ingersoll Rand. Engineer Dept. come out to SHOC and volunteer hours doing various things. Like helping us build sack lunches, meal prep, serving meals and they clean up afterwards too.
Once a quarter, they come in and prepare a meal from scratch…this last meal was AWESOME!! They made chicken fried rice, egg rolls, and some chicken noodle soup. The guys love when they come over and the list of donations that they have brought before is HUUUUGE!
They have pulled together stuff like silverware, forks, spoons, knives, 10-15 BOXES of PPE and welding attire, blankets, etc. They have also put together care packages that include wash cloths, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and laundry pods! The biggest blessing came not too long ago when we got word that as part of their Dollars for Doers program, where each person volunteers at least 20 hrs/person; they donated $2,600 to Safe Harbor of Clarksville!
A huge thank you to Trane for being such a blessing to Safe Harbor! #good2great

We took some students to the APSU vs. MURRAY men’s basketball game. They had a good time especially chaplain Mike.

Safe Harbor of Clarksville has teamed up with Corky’s for our annual Boston Butt fundraiser, & this year there’s more delicious products offered!

Deadline to order & pay is March 21, 2018. Pickup day is March 29, 2018. To order please call 931-624-5768.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Safe Harbor! Without the generous contributions of such great companies and people, we would not be able to help the lives of so many.

#good2great #shc

Having a great Super Bowl Sunday!! Not only have the guys worked hard physically for this fun time but they also made it 32 days with no accidents. We had Fred Burns come in and make some burritos, Carlos supplied some awesome sub sandwiches, Lisa the driver made some out-of-this-world potato soup; there were nachos and tons of pizza…it’s been an awesome night! Blessed to be a part of this team! #SuperBowlLII#Good2Great#FoodRox

Director Tatjana Gaston came all the way from Clarksville to Battle in the Saddle in Tunica, MS and stayed all weekend! Way to set the bar! Good to Great! Hoosah #good2great

Our 10 am class for today, it was a great success. 

The guys really enjoyed the coloring session and you could sense the relief of tension and lessening of stress.
Focusing on the coloring for 45 min. allowed them to block out all outside interference’s and focus solely on the task at hand.

Safe Harbor Clarksville Admin Christmas Party

Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year to you & your families!

Congratulations to Safe Harbor of Clarksville on Outstanding Service in 2017! They received our Warrior Award!

“One that continues to fight even when all strength is gone, because their hearts beat not only for themselves but for those they serve”

Clarksville is in the Christmas spirit… currently we are having a Gingerbread house decorating competition going on. the teams are not only working towards bragging rights but also a pizza party!!!!


$20.17 can change a life… Pledge A Plate & Operation Piece by Piece

The holidays are upon us and we are so blessed to be able to serve those who are at Safe Harbor. This is a season that we know is full of plans & we know that you (and your finances) are stretched & pulled in many directions. We ask that you would consider stretching a bit further for those who have so very little.

The Thanksgiving Meal, Christmas Meal & Gifts that our participants receive from our organization is often time their first in years. While we provide meals daily, we will be having Thanksgiving & Christmas meals for approximately 400 people. Your monetary donation of $20.17, or the amount you can give, is appreciated, valued and is so helpful in providing a gateway of ministry to the lost.

You can donate in 3 easy ways.
1) Donate directly with Paypal – go to www.Paypal.Me/TheLighthouse

2) Email safeharbordonations@yahoo.com and request a mail in form

3) Call 901-382-8106 to make a donation over the phone

Thank you for your prayers, continued support & for blessing others! #good2great #pledgeaplate #operationpiecebypiece

Kicking off revival week with Pastor Ron and a few graduations! Well done, gentlemen!


Clarksville 3rd Quarter Newsletter

We had one of our own students here in Clarksville achieve a milestone on today. Over the last few month Mike worked hard at paying of his fines. Today he got his Driver License back we are so proud of this accomplishment and celebrating with him.

Director Appreciation Day 2017

“We had a Holy Spirit led and filled celebration today for our outstanding, dedicated, God loving leader & Director. Mrs “G” is very humble, open minded, understanding, passionate about our purpose and strives for excellence. She is truly a great example and blessing to work with, as we continue to grow on our journey, from Good2Great”


Clay stepping up and giving spiritual leadership and ministry to the Transportation Department. Changing the Transportation Department by bringing Christ, a great attitude and passion to the everyday work place job.

Safe Harbor of Clarksville participants doing a great job with our weekly van/bus detail. Followed with an evening consisting of men’s prayer group, fellowship/bread breaking-pizza party, drinks and refreshments after a day in the sun!

Day number 1 of Clarksville Fleet Prep in the books! Day 2 is going to be a ton of work but Clay and I are prepared!!! Macy’s kicks off next month! Let’s do this!

July 4th Celebration

2017 2nd Quarter Newsletter

Open House! July 28, 29 & 30 at Safe Harbor of Clarksville!



** July 4th Boston Butt Fundraiser!! **

We are raising money to buy new mattresses for each Safe Harbor and the men and Women we Serve. These are Top of the Line Tempur Pedic mattresses that we have been blessed with the opportuiinty to receive for a VERY, VERY low price of $57.00 each. If you have ever shopped for them, you know what they run!

If you would like to order a Boston Butt and live in Memphis, Nashville, Clarksville, Tn or Little Rock, Arkansas, the pick up date will be June 29, 2017 between 4pm and 6pm unless you specify another time and we can accommodate it.

These Butts are Flash Froze after cooked and are good for 6 months. You can also purchase a bottle of BBQ Sauce for $3.00. If you cant or wont be able to get a butt and would like to donate, you can click on the link below and donate either $30.00 or you can buy a mattress for $57.00. Or you can buy as many mattresses as you wish. All donations are tax deductible!

We are raising money to buy new mattresses for each Safe Harbor and the men and Women we Serve. These are Top of the Line Tempur Pedic mattresses that we have been blessed with the opportunity to receive for a VERY, VERY low price of $57.00 each. If you have ever shopped for them, you know what they run to help them even more in their recovery and getting their lives back in order.

The link for the donation page is- http://www.safeharborevent.com/donation-page.html

All orders must be paid for no later than June 20, 2017! Thanks as always!
We are raising money to buy new mattresses for each Safe Harbor and the men and Women we Serve. These are Top of the Line Tempur Pedic mattresses that we have been blessed with the opportunity to receive for a VERY, VERY low price of $57.00 each. If you have ever shopped for them, you know what they run!

Congratulations Gary Smith!

Safe Harbor of Clarksville is proud to welcome The Crown Group of Portland, TN to our list of Corporate Partners! They are a wonderful company that will be helping to put our participants back into the work force. God is Great!

The Crown Group has grown and evolved from a company that was founded by Philip Baer (Baer Industries) in 1950. In 1965, the original “Crown Enameling, Inc.” was founded. That was the beginning of The Crown Group as it is known today.

 From its beginning in 1965, The Crown Group had grown to several companies by 1980 and began to establish itself as the leading coatings application supplier for the automotive marketplace.

 During the 80’s and 90’s, as the automotive industry supply base expanded into other parts of North America, The Crown Group followed. Additional plants were established to service the ecoating, powder coating, and liquid painting needs of OEMs and the Tier One supply base.

Today, The Crown Group continues to provide excellence in quality, service and delivery for the North American automotive and industrial markets.

Safe Harbor of Clarksville is proud to welcome Porcelain Industries of Dickson, TN to our list of Corporate Partners! A wonderful company that is helping to get our participants back to work. God is Great!

People. Process. Quality. Service.

Porcelain Industries – The difference is crystal clear.

Established in 1956 an eight-person family operation, Porcelain Industries (PI) started this journey with basic equipment and limited space in which to work.

As we progressed, our team’s experience, expertise and commitment to the right processes, quality product and exceptional service helped PI establish a seat at the head of the table. We competed with much larger enamelers simply because we delivered superior custom porcelain applications that contributed to our customers’ successes.

Today, we formulate our own porcelain enamels right here in Dickson, TN using in-house expertise and capabilities, including the largest independent furnace among North American enamellers and large-scale production and warehousing space.

Though our legacy has evolved as our company grows … we’re still the same committed team we were in 1956, offering the most cost-effective production of the highest-quality porcelain available, anywhere.

Congratulations Brian Wilhite!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. Shop at smile.amazon.com & Amazon will donate to Lighthouse Mission Ministries, Inc!

Amazon has a large variety of gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day including electronics, jewelry, clothing, and more!

Sign In & Shop at: smile.amazon.com/ch/58-1710683

Congratulations Fred Owens!

Clarksville 2017 1st Quarter Newsletter

“If you give a man a fish, he will eat for today. If you can teach a man how to fish, he can eat for a lifetime… We seek to teach our men & women how to fish so that they can eat for a lifetime” ~ Brad Bowie

Take a few minutes and enjoy our latest video on what Safe Harbor does for men & women in and around Memphis, Nashville & Clarksville, TN and Little Rock, AR.

As always, thank you to everyone who supports, volunteers, partners with and prays for Safe Harbor & Lighthouse Ministries.


#safeharbormemphis #safeharbornashville #safeharborclarksville #safeharborlittlerock #battleinthesaddle

2017 Battle in the Saddle – Race for the Homeless

Jan 20 – 22, 2017 Safe Harbor Battle in the Saddle took over Tunica, MS. This was our 3rd year in Tunica and the show proved to be a huge blessing. We had over 1000 entries from contestants all over the southeast, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri & Indiana. Along with the great added money that was made possible by our sponsors, we also hosted the KK Productions Run for Vegas. This is a race for girls 16 years & under to qualify for their shot to run at the prestigious finals held in Las Vegas. 

We are excited at the opportunities that will come from this race. As we tell our contestants, they are helping to change lives one run at a time. Thank you to all who have and who continue to support Safe Harbor!

Safe Harbor Students helping at the show all weekend!
1D Average Winner – Katie Hulsey & her horse Boomerang Ta Fame Jr


At Safe Harbor, we consider it a privilege to serve the men and women in our care. These participants have come to us from living in the streets or ex-offenders that needed somewhere to go. We strive to provide them with so much more than food and shelter—we strive to make a lasting difference through group and pastoral counseling, life building classes, and finding them permanent employment which provides stability once they leave our care.
Would you consider partnering with us this Christmas to make a lasting impact? We appreciate your support and pray that God will bless you as you have blessed!

If you are here because of the itworks CHALLENGE –

thank you for supporting our cause! To see how to take the challenge yourself click on the ItWorks logo above and watch the video of our president take the challenge. Don’t forget to donate below!


Ways to Donate:
–Make check payable to Safe Harbor and mail to:
PO Box 22792
Memphis, TN 38122

–Call 901.382.8106

–Use PayPal on this website


2018 Statistics:
Men Employed – 177
Taxes Paid – $189,377.98      Child Support Paid – $27,944.66
2017 Statistics:
Men Housed -224        Men Employed – 184       Meals Served – 245,280
Taxes Paid – $235,806.37       Child Support Paid – $38,408.68

 2016 Statistics 

Men Housed – 38    Men Employed – 985     Meals Served -41,063

Taxes Paid – $570,190.05 ~ Child Support Paid – $60,849.96


-2015 Statistics

Men Housed – 161  ~ Men Employed – 121  ~ Meals Served – 54,570
Taxes Paid – $147,340.36  ~  Child Support Paid – $14,700.36


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We are so grateful to the City of Clarksville for their support 

-This Agency receives federal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development-


Safe Harbor of Clarksville . 108 Kraft Street . Clarksville, TN 37040. Phone 931.503.2000